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Stay in your lane

There is just something about people who want to have their hands in every single thing.  If you are working as a team my advice is to STAY IN YOUR LANE!  Things are divided amongst members to better serve the whole team/group/organization.  If I am asked to do something I am going to do it.  But if I go in and do something and find that someone else has added to it or went ahead and did something that I was responsible for, you best believe I will be upset.

MICRO MANAGERS are the worse, especially if they are the type that wants the recognition or the power or the fame, WHATEVER!  These type of people throw around names and throw around a “false” sense of POWER.  I usually roll my eyes and go with the flow but one of these days I will certainly give them a piece of my mind, but for now I am thinking for the better of all involved…

Ok thats my rant for today…later on I’ll do something thats not a rant lol…

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Update 4/9/2018

WOW, its been over four years since I have updated my blog here on my website and I feel so terrible!  After seeing that I neglected this for that long I made a promise to myself that I will make it a habit to update this as well as my Social Media.  I think thats where the problem lies is that I depend a whole lot on Social Media that I neglect this site.  So with that being said…

A lot has happened in the four years since I have updated here.  The biggest thing is that I released my DEBUT ALBUM “Kuʻu Home ʻO Waiʻanae” and it was a fun process doing this project.  I got to feature my parents on the album and I got to do an entire album dedicated to my hometown, WAIʻANAE!  The driving force behind the album was three main things, 1. Family, 2. Culture (including my Hālau), amd 3. Community and we can celebrate the fact that all three are very evident throughout the whole CD.  This has been a LIVE LIST come true and I cannot wait til we do another project.

Family front: My family and I are doing great.  My parents are busy with their day to day lives.  My brother is increasing his family by one more in August.  He will then have three sons.  They recently moved out to live on their own as well, CONGRATZ!  My sister owns her own company WEEZOGRAPHY which does Video and Photo Shoots and Editing.  She still lives at home with us.

Hālau front:  We are still located in three locations; Hawaiʻi, Japan, & Virginia.  All three locations have hit the double digits and are now 14, 12, and 10 years old.  It has been such an awesome and amazing experience being able to share my love and passion as well as to build upon my grandma, my family, and my own Legacies.  TULIPA STYLE lives and thrives and I look forward to building each location for many more years to come.

Social Front:  For two years now I returned to the Martial Arts scene.  This time I am in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  I miss my Hawaiian Self Defense days but this experience has been different, yet rewarding and fun.  I have met the best people here and the worse.  I do Jiujitsu not only at home in Hawaiʻi at the UFC BJ Penn Gym, but I also get to do it when I travel to Japan, Virginia, and everywhere else I go.

Well I think I will end it here for now.  But, I do promise to be more consistent.

Me ka Paulele Palena ʻOle…

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Maui Hula Camp ʻAuana

ʻĀkulikuli written by Haku Mele Kumu Kamealoha Forrest, Music and Vocals by Waipuʻilani Flores, HChoreography by Kumu Leato S. Savini, hula done by participants of the Tulipa Hula Camp 2014-MAUI.

A love song utilizing the ʻĀkulikuli flower grown abundantly in Kula.  The haku mele writes of a fairy tail love.  When a person loves a person and that person they love knows nothing about it, or acts as if they don’t know about it.  Playing on the word kulikuli.

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Maui Hula Camp Kahiko

Noenoe Ke Kehau written by Haku Mele Kumu Kamealoha Forrest, Oli & Choreography by Kumu Leato S. Savini, Hula by Participants of Tulipa Hula Camp 204-MAUI

A mele that serves as a prayer for  NĀ WAI ʻEHĀ The four waters of Maui Waiehu, Waiheʻe, Wailuku, Waikapū.

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Amazing January, sets pace for rest of the year!

The end of JANUARY 2014 has arrived.  What a way to start a New Year as my January was packed with a lot of activity and kept me on my toes.   It is just the beginning but a lot of times your first month sets the tone of how the rest of your year will go.  My January was EPIC!

At the end of December going into January I was introduced to a BRAND NEW Start Up, but not so Start up Company and I looked into it and took my time to do my due diligence in researching the products and the company.  What I found out was amazing and the people I spoke to sounded great.  Being approached to be a Founding Leader that can help build the company from the ground up by building Team’s in Hawaiʻi, New Mexico, and other states throughout the US and Globally as well.  The chance to be able to work closely with top leaders like TOM CHALLAN and MATTHEW HARRIS was exciting too.  I am also able to contact and feed suggestions to Corporate on things that could be improved.  After pondering and speaking to my ViSalus team and family, I made the decision to take the AMAZING Opportunity with EPIC.

Besides my new venture with Epic, I had my very first Japan trip for the year and I already did a blog on that. 🙂  It was a GREAT trip as those trips always are.  We are building up to very BUSY year with many shows and activities in Japan.  I am looking forward to this year and being that it is January we get to look at our calendar and fill it in as much as possible.  I have new branch openings in Hachinohe and Iwaki, workshops, performances, tours of different cities, new Mall Shows contract, Hula Camp, hosting our second competition while celebrating 8 years in Japan.  Yes it is another whirlwind year in Japan!

Aside from Japan, I still have my Virginia Hālau to work with as I am scheduled for two trips out there this year.  If I can squeeze one more I will try.   MAHALO to my Alakaʻi ʻAnake Mailani and my Kākoʻo ʻAnake Kehau for keeping the classes active in my absence!

My Hawaiʻi haumāna have been busy as classes are underway as we prep for our 10TH ANNIVERSARY HŌʻIKE featuring the world renowned and TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN MUSIC GROUP, The MĀKAHA SONS!  I need to MAHALO nui to my Mom and Malia Keopuhiwa for keeping the clases in check and operating in my absence.  I will depend on them A LOT!

Our CIVIC CLUB will also be having a BUSY Year as we will be participating in the Prince Kūhiō Parade on March and they will do so in my absence.  My Kumu Kuahiwi will be spearheading this activity!  Our 1st Quarter Meeting is Coming uo on February 5.

So January ends and I know that my year will be full, fun, exciting, AMAZING and all those good words!   Yes I know there will be obstacles but I will take them HEAD ON!

E OLA!!!

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1st 2014 Japan Trip DONE

Aloha mai kākou mai ka ʻāina o ka lā ʻulaʻula!

From January  14 until January 30 I was in Japan.  I LOVE coming here and seeing all of my LOVELY haumāna whom I consider my ʻohana.  To see all of their smiling faces and to feel all of their ALOHA is so refreshing and so comforting to know that they are a big part at keeping my Hawaiian Culture and Hula alive.

My first stop for this trip was to HACHINOHE where we opened up a class for our Papa Pualani and a Mama & Baby class as well.  This was the first class and although small in number their interest level is really high.  Most of them were first timers where one or two had some experience.  But it doesn’t matter how experienced you are when you come to one of my classes as you have to learn my style and I do have some different steps and I don’t stick to the norm.

After Hachinohe we made our way to home base in Shinjuku.  I dropped my things off to my apartment and then we were off to Aoba Japan International School.  I work with a group of kids ages 8-11 or something like that and they are LOUD!  They make a lot of noise but I LOVE IT!  They have SOOO MUCH ENERGY and they put a lot of that energy to HULA as well.  They have improved a lot and their “Kāwika” is better then when I last saw them.  I started “Puka Pants” with them as we are getting them ready for a show in April that they will share what they learned in their hula class.

The next day we had Papa Tulipa Hoʻike, my show group.  We did an intense workout and went into our Kahiko Set for a show we are doing in February called Haʻaheo.  The set is about 6 minutes long and the formations and movements on and off stage are on precise counts.  So we do it over and over and over until they get it.  With the remaining time we reviewed the ʻAuana number and started to do formations too.  We then had regular classes for the rest of the day

The next day was my lecture day.  In Papa Nā Mea ʻIke Hawaiʻi I lectured about Nā Nūpepa Kahiko.  I taught about how they were used as a teaching tool and also as a way to push religious, political, and personal agendas.  The most heavy and the worse were the religious agendas, SAD!  In Papa ʻŌlapa I lectured on the Language and how important it is for us to pronounce the words correctly and how we need to recognize the difference between the words as there are various meanings for a lot of the words.

Monday through Saturday we did regular classes.  In Papa Pualani we are starting at the beginning with Pronunciation exercises, repeat after me, and at the very beginning of Basics.  Papa Mokihana we started Waikīkī in the ʻAuana and just reviewing in the Kahiko.  We are also prepping the, for ʻulīʻulī use and getting them used to doing back bends.  Papa Tulipa is reviewing “Koʻolau” in ʻauana for Haʻaheo Show and learned “Ke Aloha I Ka Ua Loku” in  kahiko.  My Kamaliʻi and Nauga are also learning “Ke Aloha i Ka Ua Loku” as it is an original Mele written for our hālau.

We had one more practice with Papa Tulipa-Hōʻike and at this practice of course we did a hard heavy intense workout followed by working on the formations to our ʻauana.  This proved to be a challenge because of one of the formations I requested of them makes them think a lot and it is tricky.  But after doing it a million times and doing a million squats when they wouldn’t get it, they finally got it!

The day after this practice we had workshops in Shinagawa with Hālau ʻO Nohealani.  I met with their keiki, Kupuna, Gracious Ladies, and Wahine.  It was GREAT workshops and the lunch was fabulous too.

Rest of the week was regular classes and my body is just hating the cold.  All my old Football, Self-Defense injuries were coming back in full force because of the cold.  BLEH, next trip I need to dig out my leggings to keep my legs warm lol, I HATE THOSE THINGS lol.

Alright, time to relax and wait for my flight.  Going to send out some emails and facebook a bit, I will probably sleep my whole way home because right off the plane I go to HULA with my Kupuna/Gracious Ladies when I get back to Hawaiʻi!!!