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Stay in your lane

There is just something about people who want to have their hands in every single thing.  If you are working as a team my advice is to STAY IN YOUR LANE!  Things are divided amongst members to better serve the whole team/group/organization.  If I am asked to do something I am going to do it.  But if I go in and do something and find that someone else has added to it or went ahead and did something that I was responsible for, you best believe I will be upset.

MICRO MANAGERS are the worse, especially if they are the type that wants the recognition or the power or the fame, WHATEVER!  These type of people throw around names and throw around a “false” sense of POWER.  I usually roll my eyes and go with the flow but one of these days I will certainly give them a piece of my mind, but for now I am thinking for the better of all involved…

Ok thats my rant for today…later on I’ll do something thats not a rant lol…

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Update 4/9/2018

WOW, its been over four years since I have updated my blog here on my website and I feel so terrible!  After seeing that I neglected this for that long I made a promise to myself that I will make it a habit to update this as well as my Social Media.  I think thats where the problem lies is that I depend a whole lot on Social Media that I neglect this site.  So with that being said…

A lot has happened in the four years since I have updated here.  The biggest thing is that I released my DEBUT ALBUM “Kuʻu Home ʻO Waiʻanae” and it was a fun process doing this project.  I got to feature my parents on the album and I got to do an entire album dedicated to my hometown, WAIʻANAE!  The driving force behind the album was three main things, 1. Family, 2. Culture (including my Hālau), amd 3. Community and we can celebrate the fact that all three are very evident throughout the whole CD.  This has been a LIVE LIST come true and I cannot wait til we do another project.

Family front: My family and I are doing great.  My parents are busy with their day to day lives.  My brother is increasing his family by one more in August.  He will then have three sons.  They recently moved out to live on their own as well, CONGRATZ!  My sister owns her own company WEEZOGRAPHY which does Video and Photo Shoots and Editing.  She still lives at home with us.

Hālau front:  We are still located in three locations; Hawaiʻi, Japan, & Virginia.  All three locations have hit the double digits and are now 14, 12, and 10 years old.  It has been such an awesome and amazing experience being able to share my love and passion as well as to build upon my grandma, my family, and my own Legacies.  TULIPA STYLE lives and thrives and I look forward to building each location for many more years to come.

Social Front:  For two years now I returned to the Martial Arts scene.  This time I am in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  I miss my Hawaiian Self Defense days but this experience has been different, yet rewarding and fun.  I have met the best people here and the worse.  I do Jiujitsu not only at home in Hawaiʻi at the UFC BJ Penn Gym, but I also get to do it when I travel to Japan, Virginia, and everywhere else I go.

Well I think I will end it here for now.  But, I do promise to be more consistent.

Me ka Paulele Palena ʻOle…

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Maui Hula Camp ʻAuana

ʻĀkulikuli written by Haku Mele Kumu Kamealoha Forrest, Music and Vocals by Waipuʻilani Flores, HChoreography by Kumu Leato S. Savini, hula done by participants of the Tulipa Hula Camp 2014-MAUI.

A love song utilizing the ʻĀkulikuli flower grown abundantly in Kula.  The haku mele writes of a fairy tail love.  When a person loves a person and that person they love knows nothing about it, or acts as if they don’t know about it.  Playing on the word kulikuli.

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Maui Hula Camp Kahiko

Noenoe Ke Kehau written by Haku Mele Kumu Kamealoha Forrest, Oli & Choreography by Kumu Leato S. Savini, Hula by Participants of Tulipa Hula Camp 204-MAUI

A mele that serves as a prayer for  NĀ WAI ʻEHĀ The four waters of Maui Waiehu, Waiheʻe, Wailuku, Waikapū.

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Merrie Monarch BLOG 1

So we all know that Merrie Monarch is here this week and it starts tonight with Hōʻike.  If you do not know what the Merrie Monarch is, what rock have you been living under? LOL.  Nah just jokes I know that there are people out there who have no idea what it is and maybe those people are lucky and fortunate not to know about it.  Here is a quick review of what it is…

Some people call it the SUPER BOWL and PRO BOWL of HULA all wrapped in one.  A week long celebration of HULA and Hawaiian Culture.  The festival honors the last King of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, David Laʻamea Kalākaua.  It is pretty much HULA at its FINEST!  Kumu Hula prepare their hālau or dance schools to showcase their BEST on the Edith Kanakaʻole Tennis Stadium for three nights.  Fresh adornments, leis, beautiful clothes, uniforms, and live chanting and singing.  It is an honor to take that stage.  But some may be thinking it used to be an honor with how political it has gotten and how blatant they are about having their favorites and then some.  Okay back on track from that little rant haha.

I just read this article posted online on the Midweek site.  Midweek is a weekly newspaper type of thing that is released in Hawaiʻi.  The article is here: and I applaud the author for voicing himself.  But he better watch out, those traditionalist might want his head on a stick HAHA!  I mean I know some that want mine, but they can’t have it, HAHA!  Ok now to comment on this article!

I understand and appreciate the traditionalist in their efforts to preserve the art of Hula, it’s history, the stories. and everything included with the beginning of hula and all.  It is important that the traditions are continued and observed.  It is also important for people who are practitioners of hula, especially those who teach it, understand our past.  On the other hand, I also believe that EVERYTHING EVOLVES and this includes HULA!

For discussion purposes, let us take for example the Hawaiian religion.  We did ceremonies on heiau and made sacrifices and rituals as well.  In fact, Hula finds part of it’s origins through these religious ceremonies or rituals.  When these practices faded into oblivion because of Western Contact and Missionaries and all that good stuff that happened because of Kamehameha the second and Kaʻahumanu, we no longer had a religion.  If you practiced it you were jailed or killed.  Hula was already done amongst the warriors in preparation for war at this time, and it was the Hawaiian form of the maori’s Haka, it was called Haʻa.  So from the heiau to the battle field, that was EVOLVING!  Then from majority of MEN doing hula to todays picture of HULA being a WOMENS thing, that is more evolving!

How about another theory, Kapō taught HULA to Laka who taught hula to Hōpoe and Hiʻiaka.  So from the Gods to Human’s, YAY more EVOLVING!

Then there is my Theory… In the Kumulipo, Kāne created the earth and then with the help of the other gods he created man and woman.  In all of this, arm movements, leg movements, and incantations (CHANTING) was needed…in essence he was doing HULA, so therefore MAN was the originator of HULA and then once again EVOLVING from man to woman to HUMANS and to what we have today!

Okay back to the article and my thoughts, LOL…What I am saying, and not to be rude or disrespectful, but to be open minded in today’ß society, our “traditionalists” should show an understanding on how HULA has EVOLVED throughout the years.  YES, there are those “HULA TRADITIONS” that have been the staple of the HULA world for years and years and more years.  For example, the late Maiki Aiu Lake and her “Hula Tradition” or “Hula Lineage” still lives today and has lived for years and will continue to live for years to come.  Even the late Edith Kanakaʻole and her “Hula Tradition” or “Hula Lineage” is carried on today and will be carried on for years to come.  This is maikaʻi, but I can guarantee you that there is some tweaking being done and some newly infused passion being implemented.  Why?  because HULA EVOLVES!  People can bitch and moan all they want about how I am wrong and what not, but I am RIGHT.  And just so you know, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION and MY BLOG, haha!

Okay back to the article, for real… The author brings up a good point.  The judges, who are in a nutshell, “HULA MASTERS” all have their own opinions and their own relationships with the kumu and the hālau who take the stage.  They have their own styles and they prefer this way over that way, so if you are not in the loop or in their good graces you can kiss your chances good bye!  The author of the article also mentions when big names such as HĀLAU NĀ MAMO O PUʻUANAHULU enters, you know they will win EVERYTHING!  Which in essence is true, we all know they can have the worse performance and they will at least place.  This is what I mean by it being so political already.  You can go and look at the winners of previous years and see the pattern.  You either come from a strong “HULA LINEAGE” or “HULA TRADITION” or you are a MUSICIAN and KNOWN throughout the HULA community and moreover the world.  That is just how it works.  Well in MY OPINION and it has proven to be true year in and year out.

As for Kumu Hula Mark Kealʻi Hoʻomalu and his haumāna of the Academy of Hawaiian Arts, well lets just say I am biased, thats my ʻOHANA!  LOL.  Just jokes.  Kumu Mark, Kumz, is Innovative and I look up to him and admire his work!  He keeps to the tradition that he knows, and he does as his kumu has told him to do!  He does traditional hula steps and it is infused with his own style and his own movement and nothing about any of what I just said is BAD, in fact it is AWESOME!  I am not going to lie, I feed off of his energy and his creativity.  It is exhilarating and at some points mind blowing!  But I love the man, he is a prime example of how HULA LIVES beyonds its boundaries!  GO GET ʻEM AHA!

The other kumu mentioned in the article is Kumu Patrick.  I met him a few times.  He too is innovative and takes hula to the extremes.  I don’t agree with some of the things he does, but I appreciate and applaud him in following his HEART and for also keeping HULA ALIVE well beyond the boundaries.

Anyway, I think I blogged enough.  Sorry if I rambled and went in every direction, but yeah thats just how my mind works!  Got comments, questions, or want to bitch me out, please feel free to do so!


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Live life truly AS YOU

I see day after day people trying to live their life as other people or people leading people to believe that they are living this AMAZING life when in reality they aren’t really living that AMAZING life, but just an ordinary day to day life going through normal day to day things.   When I read some of this stuff on Social Media it is a bit disturbing because I know almost all of the people that show up on my feed because of the filters I set up.  I just sit there and laugh and then I frown because they are living a lie on Social Media.  I mean come on now, I know Social Media is our own and what not, but at least live truthfully and not put up a facade to lure people to you.

When I post on my Social Media, I post everything as is.   No bullshitting, no facade, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!  My opinions are my own opinions, my travels is my own travels, not paid for by my job, my work is my work and I am damn proud of my work.

Some people complain that I post too much and my response is simple, DELETE ME if you don’t want to see what I post.  There are filters to discreetly block people or their posts from your walls, SO DO THAT!  I will not censor or stop posting.  When I post, especially when I am traveling, it is for my parents and siblings and those who care about.  For their benefit to see that I am STILL ALIVE and still DOING ME.   So it will continue as is.

But damn this rant went into a different direction.