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Stay in your lane

There is just something about people who want to have their hands in every single thing.  If you are working as a team my advice is to STAY IN YOUR LANE!  Things are divided amongst members to better serve the whole team/group/organization.  If I am asked to do something I am going to do it.  But if I go in and do something and find that someone else has added to it or went ahead and did something that I was responsible for, you best believe I will be upset.

MICRO MANAGERS are the worse, especially if they are the type that wants the recognition or the power or the fame, WHATEVER!  These type of people throw around names and throw around a “false” sense of POWER.  I usually roll my eyes and go with the flow but one of these days I will certainly give them a piece of my mind, but for now I am thinking for the better of all involved…

Ok thats my rant for today…later on I’ll do something thats not a rant lol…

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