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Update 4/9/2018

WOW, its been over four years since I have updated my blog here on my website and I feel so terrible!  After seeing that I neglected this for that long I made a promise to myself that I will make it a habit to update this as well as my Social Media.  I think thats where the problem lies is that I depend a whole lot on Social Media that I neglect this site.  So with that being said…

A lot has happened in the four years since I have updated here.  The biggest thing is that I released my DEBUT ALBUM “Kuʻu Home ʻO Waiʻanae” and it was a fun process doing this project.  I got to feature my parents on the album and I got to do an entire album dedicated to my hometown, WAIʻANAE!  The driving force behind the album was three main things, 1. Family, 2. Culture (including my Hālau), amd 3. Community and we can celebrate the fact that all three are very evident throughout the whole CD.  This has been a LIVE LIST come true and I cannot wait til we do another project.

Family front: My family and I are doing great.  My parents are busy with their day to day lives.  My brother is increasing his family by one more in August.  He will then have three sons.  They recently moved out to live on their own as well, CONGRATZ!  My sister owns her own company WEEZOGRAPHY which does Video and Photo Shoots and Editing.  She still lives at home with us.

Hālau front:  We are still located in three locations; Hawaiʻi, Japan, & Virginia.  All three locations have hit the double digits and are now 14, 12, and 10 years old.  It has been such an awesome and amazing experience being able to share my love and passion as well as to build upon my grandma, my family, and my own Legacies.  TULIPA STYLE lives and thrives and I look forward to building each location for many more years to come.

Social Front:  For two years now I returned to the Martial Arts scene.  This time I am in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  I miss my Hawaiian Self Defense days but this experience has been different, yet rewarding and fun.  I have met the best people here and the worse.  I do Jiujitsu not only at home in Hawaiʻi at the UFC BJ Penn Gym, but I also get to do it when I travel to Japan, Virginia, and everywhere else I go.

Well I think I will end it here for now.  But, I do promise to be more consistent.

Me ka Paulele Palena ʻOle…

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